Postcard Cakes

SWEET!!  These "Postcard Cakes" are for sale.  They are individually handmade by Chef Annie and look exactly like a three-dimensional slice of cake.  (Only they will last indefinitely and are NOT edible.)  To the side of the "cake" she adheres a postcard, and the entire slice is dropped into the mailbox (not in an envelope) to the lucky recipient of your choice! To reiterate, this is NOT a picture of a cake, it is a replica of a slice of cake.  Imagine the look on your loved one's face when they receive what looks like a piece of delicious cake in their mailbox! To order, simply pay $15 by Paypal to  This includes shipping within the US.  (For shipping outside of the US, please contact her for the price.)  In the "Contact" section of this website, please write in the "message" section the recipient's mailing address and the "from" address that you would like written on the postcard (most people use their own mailing address).  Please include a brief message that you would like written on the postcard such as, "Happy Birthday!" or "Congrats on the baby girl!" or "Congrats on your wedding!"  Also, please include WHICH cake you would like.  You can simply write the number of the photo, if you prefer.  See all the photos of these works-of-art postcard cakes here.